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2032 Dentistry - For Life

Dr. Kathryn Moore started the practice in 2002 and Dr. Trotter came in as a partner in January 2018, which is when the new practice name was introduced.

This allowed 2032 Dentistry to provide for our practice growth and continue to provide the quality of dental care that you deserve. The practice continues to welcome new patients.

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Our practice will be known as 2032 Dentistry – For Life. Reflecting our desire to be your dental home throughout your life – from primary to permanent dentition. 


Commonly asked questions:

  1. Is Dr. Moore retiring?
    Not yet! The addition of Dr. Fulford to our team will provide for the increased availability of a dentist to provide treatment. Holidays and operating room days will not leave the office without dental coverage. Dr. Fulford will be on maternity leave soon but will return shortly and continue to work with the practice as she starts her family. Dr. Moore will begin to reduce some hours to spend with her 'mature' family!

  2. Are you becoming a 'corporate dentistry practice'?
    No, we practice the same way as always. We treat your oral needs the best way we know, and we don't treat based on your insurance coverage. We feel this is why the practice has grown and why it continues to grow.
    I sure you encountered the difficulty of getting an appointment in past, whether it was with Kathryn or with Christine or Sheril for hygiene care. Plus Kathryn sees many pediatric (children) referrals from other dental offices and she has a special interest in Sleep Apnea and receives an increasing number of referrals the neurologists sleep specialists. Kathryn was working 6-7 days a week, it was too much and the practice was bursting at the seams.
    To better serve you, the patients (and to allow Kathryn to reduce her hours), we knew more care providers where required. Dr. Sarah Trotter and Linda Young are great fits to the practice and will help us provide you the best care we can.

  3. Can I choose the dentist that I prefer to see?
    Of course, you can!  - Just let our reception team know if you have a preference.  Dr. Moore, Dr. Trotter and Dr. Fulford all share the same values of providing the best in dental care to our patients and each is totally comfortable with either dentist treating their patients.  However, we do recognize that for a myriad of reasons someone may prefer a particular provider and this is fine with us.  Just let Debbie, Jayne, or Megan (reception) know if you have a preference for a specific dentist or hygenist.

  4. Are there any benefits to me as a patient with the changes? 
    Yes there are!! 
    The dentists compliment each other in the different procedures that each excels at performing- so we hope to be able to provide more care within our dental office. 
    They will alternate their vacation times so that you will have more availability of a dentist within the practice in case of an emergency or scheduling challenge with booking care

  5. Am I going to see a different 'associate/dentist' every few years? Will need to get comfortable to another dentist each visit? 
    No! Sarah is an equal owner with Kathryn.  The practice now belongs to both Dr. Kathryn Moore and Dr. Sarah Trotter. This is intended to be a long-term relationship, between them, and most important, with you and our other patients. Continuity of care is important, both Kathryn and Sarah want to be equally abreast of your dental healthcare.
    Dr. Megan Fulford is currently an associate, the plan is to bring Dr. Fulford in as a partner.

  6. How have the phone numbers or contact info changed?
    Phone and fax numbers are the same- 705-743-5924 (phone), 705-743-5680 (fax)
    The website is:

  7. Have the hours changed? 
    At this time we are able to introduce Friday appointment times, usually the first two Fridays of the month, plus Kathryn will work 8;4 each day, with Sarah seeing patients 9-5. Sarah will also be able to provide full coverage when Kathryn is in the OR at PRHC. 
    Plus, the practice now has 3 fantastic hygienists which makes it much easier to find a time to suit your needs. Just ask our reception team. 

  8. Why did you call it 2032 Dentistry - For Life?
    Kathryn was interested in having Sarah as a permanent partner rather than an associate and together they felt a new name was more interesting than "Dr. Kathryn Moore & Dr. Sarah Trotter". Kathryn had been thinking about the 2032 name for several years and with Sarah joining it was the right time to 'rebrand' the practice.

    What is the significance of 2032? It relates the number of teeth we normally have.  A child should have 20 baby teeth once they’ve all grown in, 10 on top and 10 on the bottom. Most adults start out with 32 teeth, 16 on top and 16 on the bottom.

    We have always loved to treat children and receive referrals from dental offices all over the area to treat their children patients. We believe proper pediatric dental care is a foundation for healthy oral care.

    Of course, as a family dental practice, we look after all your dental care as an adult.  

    So that is it, 2032 Dentistry - For Life.

    The tree in our logo is there for a number of reasons. First, we love being outdoors and trees are beautiful. A tree also represents life; with the roots as the foundation and the many branches of our lives which is similar to our practice philosophy. We want to develop a solid foundation of oral hygiene for prevention of dental problems. Our branches are the wide variety of procedures we provide, from restorative to cosmetic our practice is able to cover all your dental care needs, and when required, we have a network of specialists that will take care of you.

A message for Kathryn:

Our entire team is excited about these changes.  Please feel free to direct any questions that you may have directly to our team members. 

It has been a pleasure providing care to you over the past years and I, and Dr. Trotter look forward to continuing our reputation of excellence. 

If you have any hesitation, please call or email me and I will do my best to address your concerns.


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